Monica hero image.jpg

Monica is a teen who knows what she wants. One thing that she wants is for people to call her Renee. It’s the name she prefers and, frankly, it’s a beautiful name that suits her well. So Renee it is! Her name isn’t the only thing she’s beautifying. Renee loves to experiment with make up and she chose to share her interest in make up artistry with forever families.

Make up tip 1: Apply a good foundation. Just like the best make up looks start with a good foundation every future needs a foundation as well, and Renee has a few solid ideas for hers. For her future career, Renee has two ideas – she wants to be a lawyer and she wants to be a make up artist. Her other big dream is to be adopted.

She joined MARE at a local beauty school to learn the tricks of the trade.

Make up is a way for Renee to express her creativity and she wanted to share this with potential families.

Make up tip 2: Have fun with it. Make up looks should show off your best features, but you should also have fun with it. Fun is no stranger to Renee! It’s no wonder that the other students at the school were excited to meet her and see what she was doing. She just has that kind of personality – bubbly, intelligent, welcoming, and so much fun.

Monica secondary image.jpg Renee sparkles and shines from within – but sparkly pink eyeshadow doesn’t hurt!

Make up tip 3: Go for some sparkle. Just like the sparkly eye shadow palette Renee was gifted, she sparkles when you meet her in person. People who know her best have described her as outgoing, talkative, funny, and personable.

Every time the MARE team has spent time with Renee, we walk away with cheeks that hurt from laughing and big smiles on our faces. She exudes joy and everyone around her can’t help but feel it, too.

Like everyone does, Renee certainly has days that aren’t so joyful. She needs a family that will stay beside her when there is sunshine and when there is rain. The sparkle she brings during her brightest times will more than make up for challenging days.

Monica tertiary image.jpg Renee’s ability to empathize is a true highlight.

Make up tip 4: Don’t forget the highlight. A little bit of highlighter really brings a make up look to life. One of Renee’s best highlights, however, is how empathetic she is. She truly cares for other people.

One of the most important people in Renee’s life is her twin sister, Michelle. While they aren’t being placed together, Renee’s forever family will need to have a place in their heart for Michelle and will need to be dedicated to keeping the sisters in close touch with one another.

Monica film strip images.jpg Blending a family isn’t easy, but with Renee it would be worth every effort.

Make up tip 5: Blend, blend, blend!. While learning about blending at the beauty school, Renee joked that blending could “take a couple 48 hours.” She’s funny like that! Blending a family is no different. Renee will need a family that will stand with her through thick and thin and give her time to adjust and blend in with the new family.

Does your family have the ‘make up’ to be right for Renee? She has previously stated she would like to be the only child, but families with other children of any age will be considered. She loves dogs, so that would be a bonus (particularly cute, little ones). She would do well with a single mom or two parents. Most importantly, Renee’s future family needs to have patience, dedication, and lots of room for love, laughter, and the zest for life that Renee will bring to the home.