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If you’re of a certain age, you’ll understand the Bob Seger reference that “music soothes your soul.” AliciaMay may not know Bob Seger, but she sure does know music and how it can be healing. For her In Depth Profile, AliciaMay – or Allie as she sometimes likes to be called – chose to share an important song with potential families.

AliciaMay secondary graphic.jpg Music speaks to AliciaMay and she wanted to share her love of music with you.

Kane Brown is a country artist that AliciaMay follows and his song “Learning” really strikes a chord with her. You could say she feels a little bit of harmony with the lyrics. So she spent time adjusting the words to fit better with her life, she donned her favorite cowboy boots, and met up with MARE in the beautiful countryside to record her own version of a music video.

…and now for the premiere of AliciaMay’s version of “Learning.”

It’s not simply a song… it’s a sneak peek into AliciaMay’s heart and soul. If you meet her, you’re bound to find some ear buds in her ears and she’ll be glad to share her favorite songs with you – whether it’s country, Christian, or even Christmas songs. Listen closely, because you may learn more about AliciaMay in the process.

ALLIE test3.jpg AliciaMay is right at home in the country, but she’s open to families who live in the city, too.

AliciaMay is happy to share more about the process of creating this In Depth Profile – how she came up with the ideas and how hard she worked on it. Check out this Behind the Scenes video!

“If you want to find a family, you have to put effort into it.” - AliciaMay

What would really be music to AliciaMay’s ears is hearing that there is a forever family just for her. If you’re interested in attending concerts, playing games and going to the movies with an incredible teen, maybe your family could be the one for AliciaMay!

AliciaMay would do best with one or two female parents or a mom and dad. Pets would be great, too! Her parents should be experienced, patient, supportive and understanding. Most of all, AliciaMay needs a family who just won’t give up on her. She has a sweet song in her soul and needs parents who will take the time to hear it.