Coronavirus has changed day-to-day life for everyone, but one thing it hasn’t changed is the need for permanent families in children’s lives. Yes, you can still adopt from foster care in Michigan! While some parts of the adoption process may be moving a bit more like a tortoise than a hare, things certainly haven’t stopped. MARE recently sent a survey to all agencies to learn the creative ways they are still working with families during the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order:

Homestudy process: Warm up the Zoom app on your phone or laptop! Many agencies are using video conferencing for orientations, interviews and even a first walk through of your home. We all know there is no shortage of paperwork for pre-adoptive families to complete, but luckily most of it can be sent and completed through mail. Training and background clearances are critical parts of the homestudy process - there are options for remote training and, while some fingerprint locations are closed, most agencies are still scheduling families for background clearances.

Matching process: If you’re homestudy-ready and inquiring about youth on MARE, agencies are still doing their best to follow up. Families who may be a match for a child will review the Child Adoptive Assessment via email, and disclosure (or case conference) meetings are happening via video conference. Some families who have been matched even had their first visit with a child through video!

MARE staff is working from home, rather than the main office, but we’re ready to support and help families like yours through the process. Call us at 800-589-6273.

Or click here to go to MARE’s website and get connected with more info about adopting from foster care in Michigan.