Dre’s “Placement Pending” status reflects a recent change, in which a family has been potentially identified. At this time, families may still inquire here, through Dre’s In-Depth Profile, and a Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE) staff member will reach out, usually within a couple of days, to let you know the next steps.

There’s little idle time in Dre’s world. Instead of shooting the breeze, he shoots hoops. He loves playing basketball any chance he gets. When he’s not playing it, basketball occupies Dre’s thoughts. He dreams of visiting Oakland, Calif., to see the Golden State Warriors in action, and he wishes to meet the team’s star player, Stephen Curry. In addition to playing basketball, Dre likes watching movies and going to the mall with his friends. Dre also enjoys dancing and listening to music, and he wants to become a music producer when he gets older. “He has begun writing songs in his spare time,” says Dre’s worker.

Despite his active lifestyle, Dre takes time to chill outside on the weekends. He loves eating Mexican food, and he likes the colors black, red and gray. Dre’s favorite animals are dogs, especially pit bulls and German shepherds. With his future forever family, Dre wants to go to the movies and spend time outdoors. Of course, playing basketball with them would complete dream family.

Dre needs a good deal of attention and would do best with two parents or a single parent with a strong support network. His new parent or parents would benefit from knowledge of the impact of trauma on a child. They must be patient as Dre transitions into his new home and works through his past. Finally, his new forever family must be fierce advocates for the services that will help Dre function at his best at home, in school and in the community.

Beyond the Bio: Coming soon