When asked what he wanted his profile to be about, it was a no-brainer for Antonio- he wanted to write and share some of his own poetry.

He’s neither 90/10 nor 85/15. Antonio is 100 percent certain that he’s 75 percent extroverted and 25 percent introverted, which means he’s got enough of the former that he likes interacting with others. “He is easygoing and enjoyable to talk to,” says one of the people who cares most about Antonio. Even though he’s not 90/10, he’s still plenty lean because Antonio stays fit by enjoying all of his favorite activities such as basketball and football and fishing and building wood projects.

Antonio would love to travel to the Bahamas one day to enjoy its fishing opportunities. “The water is so crystal clear you can see the fish,” he says. Antonio also enjoys drawing, playing video games and going to recreational centers.

Antonio wanted to share all the traits in a family that are most important to him, mainly so that they can help support him and help him be a successful adult one day.

One of Antonio’s most enjoyed past times is cooking up a meal himself. He loves to cook chicken, spaghetti, tacos, “anything easy” he says! But he has the skill and the patience to go beyond just the ‘easy’ stuff too. “My Aunt is what inspired me to cook,” he says, “because when I was little, I used to always watch her cook, and it was amazing what she could do in the kitchen. And so, I tried it one day, and I was like, this is very fun! It’s something that I grew to love and continue to do. And then I also like to bake, baking is fun! I honestly don’t know where I got the baking from, but my favorite thing to bake is Strawberry Poke Cake. It’s like making normal cake except you have to poke holes in it.”

Antonio New Recipes.jpg

Antonio also takes pride in his academic and athletic achievements, and he plans to attend college to become an architect, engineer, basketball player, football player, and/or marine biologist. Despite his 75/25 personality trait, Antonio is 110 percent certain that there’s an active forever family for him who enjoys hunting, fishing and traveling together.

“Antonio has a good sense of himself and is driven and excited about his future,” says his worker. “He also really values his education and life skills.” Antonio and others describe him as genuine. He’s calm, cooperative, unique and helpful. Antonio is a good listener who’s good at conversation.

Antonio art edit.jpg Antonio shares how he uses art to process life and express who he wants to be.

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