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Everybody take a deep breath. Emma is here to bring the zen! “Emma is kind, caring and warm-hearted,” says one of her close adults. “She loves calling you to check how you’re doing.” Hearing that, it comes as no surprise that Emma chose to share a little inspiration with potential families for her in depth profile.

Emma shares her best tips for coping.

“Emma enjoys laughing and talking. She tends to make people around her feel happy, cared for and wants to help.” explains one of her close adults. That’s been MARE’s experience with Emma, too.

Emma C010172 MARE.jpg Emma had a photo featured in this year’s Heart Gallery.

Emma has a calm presence and when she’s feeling positive, it’s pretty hard to not feel positive yourself! Emma has a couple quotes she lives by and they really exemplify that positive attitude.

Be Yourself quote.png Emma believes that everyone should be who they are. “You’ve always got to be yourself!” she says.

Let go and let God quote.png When worries seem like too much, Emma believes in letting God take control.

Emma also loves to write poetry. Poetry is a way for this bright young teen to express her creativity and her emotion.

Wolf Pack by Emma.png Emma wanted to share this powerful poem with potential families.

“Emma craves love and affection and would do well in a home that can provide her with the support, guidance, love and structure she deserves,” says one of the people who knows her best. Emma has a host of coping skills that help her get through life, but a forever family would be the best support of all. Let’s help Emma find the forever family she deserves!